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Bettina Larroudé, Ed.D., CCC-SLP - Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist

Feeding Specialist

Dr. Bettina Larroudé is a bilingual Spanish/English speech-language pathologist with over 25 years of experience in the field of pediatric bilingual speech-language services, neurodevelopmental disorders, and pediatric feeding. Among all of her certifications, she is NOMAS, and HANEN "It takes two to talk" certified. She has completed TALK TOOLS seminars in oral placement therapy and Down Syndrome.


Dr. Larroudé began her career working in the public schools as an itinerant speech-language pathologist, a Diagnostic Team evaluator, and a coordinator of a bilingual assessment team for special education. She was also a program specialist in charge of the speech-language department for the Oakland Unified School District.


Dr. Larroudé worked for seven years as an instructor/clinical supervisor for San Francisco State University, teaching undergraduate and graduate classes and supervising students in the Clinic and out in the field.


In 2003, Dr. Larroudé opened a small private practice, Linguistic Alternatives, where she and a team of professionals, privately served the pediatric population for different Bay Area Agencies and school districts. She had the great opportunity to work with, train, and supervise newly graduates, and Clinical Fellows during the first years in the field.


In 2008, Dr. Larroudé moved back to complete a research project and work in a NICU and in a home-health agency as a coordinator of speech-language services.


Dr.Larroudé's published credits include several publications on bilingual/bicultural issues in English and a book about Latino Parental Perceptions regarding home-based speech and language services. She has developed a criterion-referenced articulation checklist in Spanish, two language curriculums for children with and a curriculum for pull-out communication skills for Spanish speaking children.


Dr. Larroudé held a part-time position (2012-2016) with the Alameda County Office of Education Parent-Infant Family Support Program collaborating and consulting regarding speech-language development, social communication skills and pediatric feeding with special education teachers, home visitors, a special education nurse and an occupational therapist in three different center-based programs and in the families' homes. The program served over 40 families in several cities of Alameda County. Currently, in addition to her private practice, Dr. Larroude is a consultant for the YMCA of the East Bay, providing screenings, consultation/collaboration, teachers' trainings, parent trainings/support in different Head Start Centers of Alameda and West Contra Counties. 


Dr. Larroudé specializes in the following areas: bilingual/bicultural assessment and treatment, language treatment for mild/moderate/severe disabilities including genetic syndromes, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, ASD, Down Syndrome, assessment and treatment of oral motor/feeding skills, learning disabilities. 


Dr. Larroudé has presented at ASHA, CSHA, First 5, Bananas, Family Resource Network, The Unity Council, YMCA-Berkeley Head Start and numerous other agencies and school districts in Northern California and Argentina. Her topics have included speech-language issues in the bilingual/bicultural populations, bilingual speech/language assessments and therapy, and assessment and treatment of children who have a diagnosis of

neurodevelopmental disabilities, etc.


                                           Constanza Beltran, M.A.

                                           Bilingual Infant Development Specialist




Constanza is an early childhood development specialist with over 25 years of experience improving the well-being of children and their families in both public and private sectors. Currently, she is an independent provider working closely with mostly low-income bilingual families in San Mateo County. She also works with the county's office of education and their library system giving workshops to immigrant communities about parenting and various developmental topics, particularly emphasizing the value of preserving biculturalism and bilingualism at home.


Her professional career began in her native Colombia as a speech therapist through private consults, clinical practice and university lectures in Bogotá. Additionally, she completed a certificate in neuropsychology in Buenos Aires, Argentina and holds a Masters in Early Childhood Education from Mills College. With pleasure, Constanza is committed to improving the lives of developmentally delayed children and she enjoys working closely with their families and maximizing the child’s potential

                                                      Dulce Acosta 

                                                      Administrative Assistant

Dulce is a bilingual-bicultural Spanish-English college student currently working on obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Human Development with an option in Child Development. Dulce graduated from a small charter school in Oakland, California called Lighthouse Community Charter School, in 2014. Right after graduating high school, she went on to study as a pre-nursing major at California State University East Bay. As she was studying, she volunteered at Kaiser Permanente for a year as a receptionist in the surgery care department. In addition, she began working in two different agencies called MANOS Home Care Services and Pacific Home Care Services. In these agencies, Dulce began working with children with special needs, specifically, children who had a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Her job was to be an extra pair of hands and eyes for the mothers who needed the extra help. One day, in 2015, Dulce went to a child's house where she met Dr. Bettina Larroudé. Since then, they have been in contact and Dulce began to be more interested in the field of speech-language pathology. Dulce has decided to change her major to Human Development as her intermediate major. Dulce has the goal to continue her education and obtain a master's degree in communicative disorders.

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